“For those who believe, no explanation is needed. For those who don’t believe, no explanation will suffice,” says Jamie Salinas as he begins the main event of Houston Séance. Magician/ghost whisperer Salinas and partner Scott Wells summon ghosts known to haunt Market Square’s La Carafe. (Wait, we thought La Carafe didn’t serve spirits? Hey-oh!) The séance begins with a short history lesson from Wells about the building and spirits said to be trapped inside it, and then Salinas takes over and calls to the other side. We had the privilege of attending one night, but we’re not going to spoil the fun by revealing the happenings. We will say that we had to sign a waiver saying we wouldn’t sue if we were hit by broken glass or experienced nightmares later that evening. Anyway, each night is different, as Salinas and Wells never know which spirit is going to show up. The night begins with a cocktail reception, where the pair show off their sleight-of-hand skills before leading attendees up the staircase to the second-story corner of the bar. We’re not saying drinking will help you believe, but it doesn’t not help. 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. today through Wednesday. La Carafe, 813 Congress. For tickets and in-formation, call 832-724-3045 or visit www.houston-seance.com. $20.


Photo by Sharón Steinmann: Chronicle

Peering in through the window at La Carafe, Jamie Salinas makes contact!

"The management at La Carafe, 815 Congress, is so comfortable with the wine bar's reputation as a ghost haven that it welcomes spirits and guests with October seances.

A popular sighting in the area is a lady in white, who has been known to push beautiful women down La Carafe's stairs."

We made the front page of the Houston Chronicle!  Our seance received a Four Ghost Rating out of scale from one to four with four being the highest!  

"Jamie I just wanted to e-mail you about the séance last night. It was fantastic. That’s an experience I will soon not forget." Thanks - Randy

During the taping of the trailer video, Jamie and Scott made contact with a spirit on the second floor of La Carafe.  While asking for a sign from the spirits, the emf meter spiked and both Jamie and Scott clearly heard a chair move across the wooden floor.  Although they did not see it directly, it was captured on audio.

Jamie and Scott immediately checked the room to see if someone was playing a joke on them.  They were alone and it is impossible for someone to sneak up to the second floor without being heard as the stairs and floor creak loudly.  The video camera "malfunctioned" during this experience and the battery was drained immediately along with audio recording device when they asked for another sign.

Here is the audio we recorded: